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"From the early beginning of the establishment of the family focused foundation in 2013, theALXStudio
was drawn to the work of the foundation’s vision, “Healthy families for a prosperous Aruba,” as one of our committed volunteers.
Their passion and heart for the wellbeing of her fellow citizens is evident and as a well known professional media co, reporter who have conducted general national investigative news research for national media distribution platforms,
they are very well aware of the various social challenges in our society.

They eagerly look for opportunities to develop frameworks that strengthen vulnerable individuals and families in our nation.
Their passion and problem-solving character became an entryway for them to actively participate in brainstorm sessions related to long
and short term goals of the foundation. They are good team players who inspire the team with their analytical and solution-minded
way of thinking.

They have been creative in providing ideas which perfectly sustain the various Family First Aruba’s community projects and programs.
Intellectually well-archived of the mainstream narrative of the island, and they also support the foundation’s Marketing and PR department with their communication expertise."

- Jennie H.T. Lion Sjin Tjoe



"I have been working with theALXStudio for many years and they are masters of their craft as a transmedia storytellers.
They have the creative ability of creating content that engages the audience and has the technique of telling story experiences across multiple platforms in order to deliver unique pieces of content.
theALXStudio are experts in using transmedia to build an entertainment brand that conquers global audiences, readers and users in great numbers of platforms.


Thank you for the collaboration during my own journey and I am ready for our new venture together."

- Sharleen Tromp

​Personality Expert
Talent Brand Analyst & Strategist


"theALXStudio  has been a part of Lead2Success from the beginning.
They have played a key part in the digital design of the Lead2Success brand and it’s steady public relations,
communications and digital marketing. The events set up of our courses and policy documentations were also handled by

theALXStudio in excellence. Even though I have to admit, I am not an easy person to satisfy or work with, I have never been
disappointed by 
theALXStudio 's work.


Over the past two years, they have always delivered on time, worked under great pressure, short time limits, and suggested many ideas to help Lead2Success grow. In today's world it is very difficult to get a good company who not only gives you a nice sales pitch, but actually  live up to their promises. I highly recommend theALXStudio's production and services."

- Francis Groeneveldt

Founder, Director & Certified Financial Coach


Thank you so much theALXStudio for a job well done!   

I just want to express my gratitude towards the service this awesome team provided to Street Square Avenue. 

theALXStudio has been truly a light (blessing) in the dark for me, not only extremely helpful and trustworthy but also patient and courteous. 

Every time I would meet with Ms. Jie Sam Foek, I would leave more motivated and enlightened and eager to execute my projects. 

I’m blown away with this Phenomenal Woman professionalism and expertise, she makes it happen. 

theALXStudio created my website in such manner that surely brought the visibility of the objective of my vision to life online. 

I highly recommend theALXStudio and would use their services again without hesitation. 

It was a great experience. 


 - Samantha Schmidt 

Creative Director of Street Square Avenue 

"I have personally worked with theALXStudio and find them to be extremely talented, creative and highly dependable.
Initiative takers, solution-minded professionals with great personality and a sunny attitude, positive influence to others
and a true pleasure to work with. They are level-headed go-getters with a great work-ethic. Responsible, reliable and efficient,
fair and kind. the
ALXStudio assisted us in productions and closed many deals for quite a few years and were significant in our company's reaching its sales' goals during that time. I would surely recommend
theALXStudio, as they possess a versatile array of skills
that can help grow any business."

—  Tessa Pietersz,
Program Developer/Producer  
Trend Alert Aruba

"I have to say, my career as e TV presenter started with theALXStudio.
My complete presentation back then up to now and my journey ahead has been influenced by
theALXStudio. While being a TV Host
for a fashion show. They
 taught me everything I know now about television, editing and presenting. Other than that I always admired the standard of professionalism that they portray during their many projects.
Their passion for journalism and keen eye for the visuals they envision to convey the message to the public is for sure,
one that many can learn from."

- Joase-Ann van der Biest

Creative Social Entrepreneur, Art Aficionado Gallery Director,
Radio, TV Personality & PR Liaison 

T H E  A L X  S T U D I O
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