Have you ever dreamed of having an ocean front condo at some stunning location? The benefit of having your own little getaway condo, and the additional earnings your own piece of real estate can add to your income might seem like a dream investment, where you pay once but reap the benefit regularly.

You Have Your Own Family Getaway

Buying an ocean front luxury condo can bring an excellent return on investment, a reliable income stream, and access to a delightful family vacation spot. Many beach house investors purchase homes that they subsequently rent out during peak tourism times. Many beach house investors claim that their rental income for other periods of the year covers their expenses for the entire year. That effectively lets them live in the house for free during the non-peak season.

Owning a beachfront condo can be a wonderful investment opportunity considering you can both rent it and use it personally. However, the perks of having a beachfront condo don’t just end here. There are some other major benefits.

High Market Price While owning your own home to live and raise your family is a good thing to have, vacation rentals or beachfront condos depict a different scenario. Besides, real estate investment might not give you the investment return that you can expect from a vacation rental. Even if you don’t plan to rent the beachfront condo and use it only for personal use, some years down the line, you can make a profit from that by selling it at a higher price.

Rental Opportunity

Aruba is a product in itself, it is a highly and stable marketed destination, and has been so throughout the years by Aruba’s own marketing officials. Travelers love the island, the flamingo site is one of the most Instagrammable global backdrops on the internet - almost every global influencer has a picture with the flamingo in Aruba on their social media platform - and just like many other investors who have seen this investment opportunity, you should be benefitting from this opportunity as well.

The demand for beachfront vacation condos rises when vacationers from colder regions crave some sunshine. Depending on your beachfront condo’s location, you can have an excellent return on investment just from the rent. The demand for vacation rentals is expected to surpass even the hotel industry. If you are concerned about whether the rent from the peak tourist season is enough to cover the expense for the whole year, you can rest assured it will be more than enough.

If you decide to sell your beachfront condo some years down the road, you likely will be able to sell it at a higher price than your initial investment. While most real estate property appreciates over time, beachfront properties tend to outperform, as there is a limited amount of prime beach properties out there, and everyone wants one.

You Can Convert It into a Full-Time Residence

If you ever want to sell your primary residence and decide to settle in your beachfront condo, you are completely free to do that. It can allow you to spend your retirement peacefully, enjoy the well-deserved turquoise water views during this peaceful phase of your life.

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