We all know how good being in nature can make us feel. The fresh oxygen, the sounds of the leaves, the fresh scent of the plants, the sunlight playing through the leaves, the fresh, clean air — these things give us a sense of comfort. They ease our stress and worry, help us to relax and to think more clearly.

Being in nature can restore our mood, our energy and vitality. It refreshes and rejuvenates us. Not to mention, the hot temperature days we are experiencing these days it is certainly very refreshing to get wet and cool off during the day. The good news is that we can take a bit of this entire forest experience and bring it into our homes.

So how does one go about creating a bathroom forest?

First, find a spot. Ideal would be to have the spot either on the outside of, or very near to your relaxing space. Be it your bedroom/bathroom/closet area, so you can be in and out these areas in your bathrobe/swimsuit and own your privacy while in this space - if you live with more family members in the house.

Start with a simple shower and floor installation and work your way around growing the plants that you like. Simple concrete tiles are a great and inexpensive floor idea. Fill the rest of the floor area with decorative stones.

Whether you go amazonian tropical or go with your favorite roses (see below image) remember, this is your happy place and should be 100% your decor choice.

Get a concrete floor or if you are a wood lover - waterproof - here is a great sample how you can design your way around your personal preferences. Make use of the facility to place your high maintenance plants around your shower to benefit their water intake.

Bamboo dividers are a great way to section out your private forest space. Have your water drainage installed in such a way that the water goes directly to your plants, making them happy you visit the area, and look forward to your next shower. Have a small shelf or a part of three trunk to place your favorite organic shower gels, body scrubs, shampoo and conditioners.

Don't forget to maximize coziness by inserting some big - peppermint or eucalyptus scented - candles or/and aroma oils after a hard day of work, chasing schedule or complying with other responsibilities. After all it all about unwinding and getting ready for those great evening closure of the day moments.

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