It’s probably not the first thing you think of, but design has a huge impact on performance and behavior at work. You’re not consciously thinking about it every time you enter the space, but the area you work in has a powerful effect on your work approach. Office design is about creating a space that facilitates productivity and ultimately performance. You’re setting a stage for success.

There are plenty of interior design factors that contribute to a positive workspace that encourages productivity and purpose: lighting, color, plants, art, food, seating, etc.. Office design is primarily taking care of the company vision, this vision has to do with the visionary and the visionary has a certain way of being. Is this person sharp and very goal - focused, is he or she a bit dreamy, comme ci, comme ça or highly organized? We all have different personalities and that is perfectly ok, but ideal would be to know the visionary's result desire, your people or a interior decorator's specific personality and so area of gifting, and match the two by placing the right person to take care of the design.

While delighting the people within your organization with great visuals, maintaining a tight work ethic - focused on getting things done - we believe would be the best combination. With the right design, you’ll tend to people’s needs and help your team thrive towards the vision.

Creating a sleek, tight focus design will inspire similar performance results. Below find some samples that will help steer the desired results.

Black has a powerful ability to "darken" and so remove clutter, both physical as mental, allowing a sharper focus on what is really important for your organization. Above, we see the Washington Post headquarters offices located in Washington D.C here an open space, with same sleek focus strategy allows creative media specialists, to intermingle and quickly push work forward. All materials, furniture similarities are very much available in Aruba.

Above the same strategy, in this case dark grey has been used combined with sleek design - no curls or too many shelves - providing an overall cleanliness and order. This assists the tightening focus process and the "sending forth" of the vision. The combination of the wood design in the floor and desks keeps everything neat and organized with the warm touch of nature. All materials, furniture similarities are very much available in Aruba.

BrowserStack Offices – Mumbai – meeting space. A seating area workplace designed for collaboration. The beautiful marble look floor serves as a solid platform carrying a combination of color, textures and styles. Great lightening, sleek panels ceiling with natural elements of plant and wood. Clean cut, effective, to the point and tasteful. All materials, furniture similarities are very much available in Aruba.

White is also a favorite when aiming for focused performance. Here we see the warm wood and white modern office chair dominating the order in the room. Great concrete floor accessorized with the perfect brown/beige toned rug makes this office another favorite performance aimed design. All materials, furniture similarities are very much available in Aruba.

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