More and more we see nature getting its rightful place in our lives. We are eating more plant-based lately, both the esthetic and beauty industry is going more vegan based and yes the great outdoor materials are being brought more and more in our interior design projects, beautifully bringing the ‘Great Outdoors’ indoors.

If you are a nature lover just as we are, we’ve got you some of our favorite finds that can serve as inspiration to your home design project when decorating with natural elements that will breathe new life into your home.

Even if your home is more contemporary a play on nature can spark a bit of creativity in any given area around the house. From the living room to the foyer, let’s have a peek at different decor cases that can inspire a bit of uniqueness outside of the traditional home decor.

Hosting family gatherings within nature. Here we can see a fantastic combination of earth colors, combining the wood elements - floor and big table - with beige canvas textile and large glass doors allowing the perfect connection with the green outdoor garden. A warm bamboo ceiling covers the entire room and the brick walls makes this room a favorite Tuscan-like design.

Above is this beautiful home in Brazil designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan in Bahia province. Wooden floor, whether you opt for real wood or the ceramic wood tiles, perfectly matched with wood and rattan furniture pieces, bamboo ceiling and rattan lamps. Kogan chose to combine a green lounge chair fabric to match the exotic green garden.

Another inspiring look is this beautiful white/wood combination. A bit more subtle with the big white walls, the very baseline to start with when choosing a natural project, is definitely to start with the floors. Here we see once more the wood look on one of the biggest surfaces - the floor - combined with the big wood beams in the ceiling. Perfectly combined with wooden stairs, rustic plant pots, rustic rug and the custom-made glass door allowing that extension with the green plants.

For a more modern/abstract look, here we see a combination of again the biggest surfice - the floor - with the natural beams of wood. All natural trunk side-table combined with a modern built-in white concrete wall furniture.

Make your home shower in such a way that it becomes your most deserving Spa moment of the day - every showering moment of the day should be brightening, a place of inspiration, one that sets your direction of the day, one of refreshing moments during the day and one of a relaxing closure of the day - ready for a good night sleep. Stay in touch with nature, be it with this spectacular window roof allowing you to connect with the sky. The wood elements incorporated in the design with real plants provide fresh oxygen in your home sanctuary.

Great matching when choosing towels for your display combining earth and green colors with indoor plant, organic wood patterns and rattan elements.

Combine beautiful mahogany wood color design with beige limestone walls and floor. Add detailed lightning to maximize your natural favorites and create a different atmosphere in your space. Nordic style faucets set the modern mood in this peaceful bathroom.

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