"Maximizing brands' identity - Authentic, organic, genuine. 

From our clients' identity outwards "

- Dionne Jie-Sam-Foek

  Digital Brand Expert/Media Producer - Since 2004




Dionne Jie-Sam-Foek helps people who want to use media as a powerful digital marketing tool. Entrepreneur and producer at Dionne Jasper Productions (DJP), one of the top Digital Branding & Communication firms in Aruba.

Jie-Sam-Foek who fouded DJP in 2009 was a former TV producer on the national level for 8 consecutive years, having worked at 15-ATV - an NBC licensee - with over 250+K production hours for national TV broadcast producing weekly 30 minutes TV programs. She was also a investigative Journalist and Editorial Manager (ED) for the Bon Dia Aruba Newspaper in Aruba. With 15+ years experience as a media producer, and 25+ years in Sales & Marketing,

she is a Strategic Business Developer, who has trained TV presenters, young Journalists, speakers and various

other clients in Aruba.

She is a motivated many young entrepreneurs to develop their personal brand, and is an excellent interpreter/translator.

Today, as a digital media producer, Dionne helps CEOs, entrepreneurs and experts harness their personal brand and spread their
messages to their target audience.


I have personally worked with DJP and find them to be extremely talented, creative and highly dependable. They are initiative takers, solution-minded people, an great team with a sunny attitude, positive influence to others and in general a true pleasure to work with. In short, their work proved to be exemplary and of great satisfaction.


—  Tessa Pietersz,
Program Developer/Producer  
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